6:00 a.m. and all is…

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Patrick, although my closest friends call me Pat, and my mother called me Paddy. As a young kid back in my hometown of Denver, that used to make me cringe. Hearing her shrill voice above the crowds’, out there on Sunday afternoons on the football field. I miss that Irish voice, now. That moniker.

I’m a writer. That’s probably why you’re visiting me. What does he know that maybe I don’t? you’re thinking. That’s a loaded question I just conceived. Probably for most of you, not that much more than you already know. What can you teach me? Well, I welcome your views on that in the comment section below. This is a tough business. That’s the first thing I’ve learned since 1998 when I seriously began writing my first novel. You’ve learned that as well?

Anyway, I intend to elaborate on my ongoing experiences in this game of writing over the weeks and months ahead. Once a week. Same time, same station. If I find something out there that really, really, really, really captures my interest, I’m going to share it with you. In between posts on how climate change affects authors, or why Stephen King loathes adverbs…or whatever…you’ll learn all about me. About my ongoing projects, my backlist (not Blacklist), my favorite authors, living or dead or not yet born

Again. Since this has been called a lonely business, and it’s sometimes so damned hard doing it in complete solitude, I hope you’ll accept my invitation to jump in and tell me all about YOUR journey up that mountain.

Let’s see. It’s Wednesday morning, no longer even close to 6:00. I’ll see you again next Wednesday (unless I receive a gazillion–or one, or two–comments to answer), at right around 9:00 a. m.